4 Reasons You Should Never Be Sorry For Vaping

Man with an electronic cigarette in a public place.

As a vaper close with many other vapers, we all sometimes find ourselves in a situation that may make us apologize for vaping. Be it in a coffee shop at the entrance to a public building or even in the park. Parents of young children or others may give you a look or ask you to stop because it’s not a healthy habit or some other excuse.

But as vapers we all know that we went a long way from being smokers and trying to quit time and time again with no success. Since vaping came around, a lot of people that switched now rarely have a cigarette or would even go near one.

So you have to ask yourself, should I really feel sorry for them and stop vaping in these areas? Am I a bad person for vaping in public spaces? Is this guilty feeling OK for me to have? The answer is, NO!

In no way should you feel even an ounce of guilt or feel a need to apologize. Here’s why.

1. You aren’t hurting anyone.

The research is out, it’s no secret. A quick Google search will show you all the latest studies done. All the studies show the same thing. Vaping at a normal wattage (0w-150w) creates almost no chemicals in the vapor and no traceable nicotine or formaldehyde. So unless your vaping at around 400w on a basic ecig your good. And anyway if you did do that you would cough, because that is practically unbearable for any vaper.

So you don’t have to worry about anything, you are not hurting anyone when you vape in public places.

2. People who look at vapers as smokers are damaging the mind of those who quit smoking.

For a beginner in the vaping world, getting looks from people can  cause them to rethink what they are doing. Making someone feel guilty about vaping in a park for example may just bring them back to smoking. Think about it. You struggled to quit and finally did, and now wherever you go people are looking at you weird or saying something stupid. You may begin to rethink what you are doing, and the next time you are at the gas station you may just pick up a pack of smokes. Nobody wants that, especially you. So don’t listen to those people and definitely don’t feel sorry for them.

3. Have an AA meeting in a bar and then come back to me.

I saw this meme going around on Facebook that said it better than anything “Telling a vaper to vape in the smoking area is like telling AA to have meetings in bars.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

What people don’t realize is that vapers went through a struggle. A hard struggle to quite those cigarettes and make a better choice. I  have tried to quit smoking countless times and never had any success. This bothered me, I felt incapable, out of control. Until vaping came into my life. Now to tell me I shouldn’t vape in public spaces and go to the smoking area is not just rude, but it’s evil. Would you send an AA member to the bar to get their coffee? No! It’s cruel.

You should never feel sorry for cruel people.

4. Apologizing makes people believe vaping is not a good thing.

When someone asks you to stop or makes a face and in effect you apologize for vaping, all that does is strengthen their belief that vaping is no good. The next time they get together with their friends they can say “She even knew it was bad because when I gave her a look she stopped and said sorry.” That story can spread to more and more people and end up “proving” that even vapers know that vaping is bad.

Instead of apologizing, perhaps a better thing to do would be to educate those that ask you to stop. In a respectful way you can explain them the research that has been done and the tremendous amount of lives vaping has saved. If you aren’t too knowledgeable about the arguments here is a great place to start.

Keep yourself informed and keep up with the latest news so that you can open the discussion with full ammo.


David Ehrentreu is the Community Manager at AVIR. He has made the switch to vaping two years ago and has felt better ever since. He has a strong understanding of the vaping industry and would love to help you make the right switch!

3 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should Never Be Sorry For Vaping

  1. James says:

    If you’re in an enclosed area and the smells coming out of your device are rough enough that someone feels they need to ask you to stop, then stop. Not everyone needs to smell your latest aquisition from the vape shop. There’s research on both sides of the harmful aspect of things and we choose to believe the ones that suit our purpose. Only research I need on this is how foggy the building was at vapecan. Smelled terrible. A certain percentage of vapers decided that because they made a choice that’s less harmful than tobacco, they should be able to do it wherever whenever. Bar, shop, school, church, who cares, it’s harmless. That’s selfish, douche behavior. It’s the sort that when the restaurant owner says stop, you’ll argue instead of just doing as requested. If it affects other people in any way, you don’t have the right to just do it because you’re proud of switching.

  2. Tyler Crawford says:

    I love this article but will clarify on private property it is 100% up to the owner whether you can vape or not. They have complete control and can ban whatever they please except protected classes (race sexuality etc) They can ban blue t-shirts from their property if they feel so inclined. @ James you’re an idiot of course VAPECAN was foggy it was a vaping convention. You had concentrated numbers of vapers in an enclosed area. A handful of vapers in a crowd will not fog a place up like that.

    Also James there are two things – common courtesy and personal freedom. I can vape where I like by law except where prohibited by property owners. But I choose not to vape on someone as a matter of respect in the same way I wouldn’t spray body spray next to someone. I will walk away from a crowd of people first before taking a hit but if they walk up to me after I’ve started vaping and give me a disgusted look (or from far enough away that my vape isn’t even near them) that was their prerogative I tell them to jog on.

    We do need to drop this vaping indoors is the devil routine as vapers. Legal policy should be based on science not courtesy. It’s not the law to hold the door for someone that is common courtesy. Vaping indoors should be allowed or disallowed by the proprietor of said venue and not by law. Sure let cities ban vaping from publically regulated buildings (they have no owner to make the decision) but keep rules like that off of private property.

  3. Vape Shop says:

    That is the best analogy I have ever seen, I will use it again. Thank you very much for the wise words.
    “Telling a vaper to vape in the smoking area is like telling AA to have meetings in bars.” BRILLIANT!!

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