AVIR Premium Quality E-Liquid


We are proud to bring you the best premium quality e-liquid on earth. AVIR
Premium E-Liquid is 100% MADE IN USA with USP/Kosher certified vegetable
glycerin, USP certified propylene glycol and the finest GRAS, food-grade artificial
and natural flavorings. Each mix is carefully calibrated in an ISO 6 facility by our
in-house e-liquid wizards, and given time to properly steep to provide the perfect
balance of vapor and flavor in every vape.

AVIR E-Liquid Flavors

American Tobacco

Get that full robust flavor of your favorite cigarettes without having to expose yourself to tar and smoke by making American Tobacco E-Liquid your pick. This bold, full-bodied e-liquid is produced in America, and is sure to satisfy your craving for that classic tobacco taste.

Apple Crisp

Imagine that warming and comforting smell of freshly backed apple pie that your mother would make. Our Apple Crisp e-liquid will satisfy your taste buds and senses leaving you content with flavors of apple, crust, cinnamon and a bit of graham.

Banana Nut Bread

Your favorite sweet treat is perfectly captured in the flavors of Banana Nut Bread juice. This e-liquid treats the taste buds to hints of banana, nuts, brown sugar and cake, for an unforgettable experience with every puff.

Birthday Cake

Why wait until your birthday to have a celebration? With Birthday Cake E-Liquid, you can turn every day into a special one. Sweet vanilla icing and satisfying cake flavors combine to perfection in this unique juice and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth to keep you from snacking between meals.

Blueberry Ice

Tangy, sweet blueberries meet cool, refreshing mint in the Blueberry Ice E-Liquid. With this juice, you don’t have to choose between fruit and menthol flavors, as it provides both in one.

Chai Tea

Experience the rare pleasure of a perfect brewed chai tea latte without having to hit your local cafe with our Chai Tea E-Liquid. Each puff has smooth tastes of tea, milk and spice and is sure to satisfy your craving for a tea break and a smoke break!

Coffee Swirl

Skip the long lines at your local cafe and treat yourself to a delicious vaping experience on your next coffee break with our Coffee Swirl E-Liquid. This juice tastes like a latte with an extra touch of cream just the way you like it.

Double Apple

Double the apple flavor makes the Double Apple E-Liquid a doubly delicious choice for your vaping pleasure. This juice features the sweet and sour notes of freshly picked apples and is perfect for those who like a smooth fruity flavor without too much of a sugary taste.

Georgia Peach

You’d have to hit the produce stands on the highways leading across the Peachtree State to get treated to a taste as sweet and pleasing as our Georgia Peach E-Liquid.

Lemon Lime

This unique combination of sweet and sour is packed with the essences of lemon and lime, making it a great choice for a morning vape or for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Mango Tango

The sweet delicious flavor of our Mango Tango E-Liquid is sure to put a spring in your step. Its exotic, tropical taste never fails to satisfy.

Menthol Ice

Imagine taking a draw off of your e-cig and experiencing all of that cool, smooth menthol flavor that you loved when you smoked cigarettes, but without any of the toxins! That’s exactly what our Menthol Ice will treat you to with every puff.

Minty Menthol

With Minty Menthol you’ll be treated to an invigorating, refreshing experience with every puff. This blend of mint flavors cools the mouth and leaves behind a fresh, clean feeling. It’s the perfect choice for a vape after meals.

Orange Creamsicle

Remember the fun of running out to meet the ice cream man during the hot summer months? The Orange Creamsicle will bring you back to those carefree days with its delicious taste of orange sherbet and vanilla cream. Sweet, smooth and bursting with citrus.

Pineapple Coconut

Imagine yourself on a tropical beach with a frosty drink in your hand. Now, get that experience with every vape with our Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid. This exotic tropical juice combines coconut with pineapple to take you on a taste vacation to the tropics with no airfare required.

Smooth Tobacco

Trying to kick the habit but hate giving up the smooth taste of your favorite cigarettes? Smooth Tobacco is the perfect e-liquid to meet your needs, as it has that Camel type flavor with a touch of vanilla for a sweet final surprise. Made in America, this e-liquid is pure and simply of the finest quality.

Strawberry Burst

You don’t have to wait for berries to come into season to enjoy the sweet, delicious taste of a strawberry. Just try our Strawberry Burst E-Liquid and get all of that palate-pleasing flavor with each vape.

Strawberry Cream

Two favorite flavors are combined to perfection in our Strawberry Cream E-Liquid, the perfect choice for anyone who is tempted by a sweet strawberry dessert. Hints of vanilla bean and freshly picked strawberries make this juice a true treat.


Bring memories of summertime fun to life on the tip of your tongue with the help of our Watermelon E-Liquid. Each puff brings all of the sweet goodness of real watermelon to life.

Wild Cherry

Take a walk on the wild side with the sweet and tart notes of our Wild Cherry E-Liquid. We have packed all of the flavor of tree-ripened cherries into this juice, so you get all of the pleasure without having to spit out the pits!

Fruity Loops

You know that left over milk in your bowl of your favorite fruity cereal? Ya, that’s what I’m talking about! That creamy sweetness, yum. Keep that flavor with you throughout the day with this deliciously flavored E-liquid

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