Happy Tax Day!

Unless you live under a rock, or perhaps in a different nation, you know that today is the day when your income taxes are due. So our reminder to pay your taxes on time couldn’t be any more timely. In the meantime for those who did file or will today, congratulations!

The income tax was reinstated in 1913. While there was a income tax levied to fund the civil war, that tax ended in 1872. Income tax was later declared unconstitutional in 1896 by the supreme court. That decision was overturned by congress in 1913.

It might be interesting to note, that in 1912, we had subways, universities, paved streets, an army, a navy, and many departments including the department of war (now known as the department of defense), the department of state, the Smithsonian Institution (museum), a system of national parks including Yellowstone, Mackinac Sequoia and Yosemite, an attorney general, and even the patent and post offices. Additionally, we had embassies in many foreign nations. We had the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. All that, and at the same time no federal income tax for anyone. No form 1040, no form 1040ez, no w-2, and no 1099 forms either. Now that should make you think a little bit about where exactly all of our money goes.

Now that we are done with our rant of the day, we want to remind you that other than keeping the #RightToVape, we tend to stay out of politics and policy altogether. There are plenty of others doing that. It does make us wonder however, as our industry grows, where will the tax revenue from e-liquids and our devices go?

As always keep involved with your local and national leaders, register to vote, and become an activist for the lifestyle we love.


David Ehrentreu is the Community Manager at AVIR. He has made the switch to vaping two years ago and has felt better ever since. He has a strong understanding of the vaping industry and would love to help you make the right switch!

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